Mike & Diane

Mike & Diane

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An Ode to the Listener

From the unforgettable Disco days…
to the legendary “Phrase That Pays”.

You've been there through it all.

A “loyal listener”, you have always been...
time after time, you made sure to “tune in”.

With an open mic to the world-famous playground,
“Arbitron-rated #1”, we were soon were crowned.

On air as FM 95, since gambling took over Atlantic City,
reporting on - the good, the bad & “the ain’t so pretty”.

From original vinyl to long-gone 8 tracks,
with carts stacked up high - upon studio racks.

Before mp3s, disc jockeys played CDs,
airing requests for WAYV's...
...“Saturday Night House Parties”

“Night Checks” were on air to say goodnight to the one that you yearn,
“Sun Checks” proclaimed “it's time to turn over”, so that you didn’t burn.

You woke up to “Spider & Kelly” and then “Mike & Diane”,
Your horoscope was read by Jason Flynn, the “StarWatch” man.

From “American Top 40”, to Boy Bands & Grunge,
…you soaked it all up - just like a sponge.

They said “Video Killed the Radio Star”,
but, 95.1 WAYV is still here - and there YOU still are!

You entered our contests & repeatedly called the request line.
You are the reason we open up the mic - every single time.

From satellite to streaming…you never forgot the meaning

                           …of LOCAL radio.

Thank you for being “All Ears for 50 Years” !
Listen all summer long for the Half Century Summer Celebration with more than 95 pairs of tickets given away!
95.1 WAYV history, Click Here.

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"WAYV FM 95" General Manager Vi Trofa, posing in front of the Boardwalk facing studios at Chelsea Avenue in Atlantic City, NJ. Trofa was a former school administrator who was hired by Radio WAYV, Inc.'s then-owners Bob McMurtrie, Carl Monk, and Tom Donatucci to run the business operation. Trofa was married to the former mayor of Ocean City, Nick Trofa, and would remain as General Manager through 1993.

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