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How many Costco Hotdogs can you buy if you won Pay Your Bills

Ah yes, the much coveted Costco hot dog. $1.50 forever.

The price will never change.

Pay Your Bills on WAYV is giving you a chance to win $1000 9 times a day every Monday thru Friday.

But the question that is top of mind of every one in the World, if you were to win How Many CostCo hot dogs can you buy?

Thanks to my 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Cronin that math is simple to do!

$1000 divided by $1.50

You can buy 666 CostCo hotdogs.

Woah, wait....maybe buy 665 and use the rest on some tablets to help you digest.

Now, I cant help but think how long that would take Joey Chestnut to eat all those hotdogs. More Math! Joey Chestnuts record is 76 hotdogs in 10 minutes which comes out to 7.6 hot dogs a minute!

Joey Chestnut by that World Record pace could finish 666 hotdogs in 1 Hour and 27 Minutes.

If you don't want to spend the rest of your life going to the bathroom, feel free to use that $1000 from Pay Your Bills any way you would like!

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