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Whats the best way to fill an empty pool? - Mike

As many of you know, I'm renovating a house. It's been well documented on the Mike and Diane Show (live on the iHeartRadio app every day from 6-10 am, and always live on our podcast Mike and Diane On Demand. Yes, Cheap Plug, deal with it)

Well, a lot of the major stuff is done. Now it's the pool, we spent the money to get it fixed (subscribe to my OnlyFans to help pay it off, thanks) but now since I'm pinching pennies I've come to this major fork in the road.

How do I fill the pool?

I've been told I have 3 options, Tanker Trucks, Garden Hose or tip the local fire department.

Pros and Cons of each one, Tanker Trucks I have been told you will get the best water and be ready to swim right away but MY GOODNESS is it expensive. The quote I got was 400$ a Tanker and it'll take 4-5 tankers to fill the pool. IT'S NOT THAT BIG A POOL! It's 28,000 gallons. What the heck is that? Are they filling my pool with Fiji Water Bottles?

Garden Hose, ah yes, the good ole Water Hose dripping for 3 days straight to fill the ole watering hole. I called the Water company and they pretended they were math teachers. I told them the address, and how much water I'd be using, and instead of looking at my bill and helping they gave me a math problem. No joke, they told me how to do the math problem and the formula to use, but when I asked them to double-check my work they scoffed at me like a professor in a movie set in 1950. Just tell me, am I off by hundreds? Thousands? or in the Ballpark? Just HELP.

Fire Department, so this is the one I wanted to go with right away. I want to know that if I'm going to pay money it goes to good use on the other end. That's why I used contractors I knew personally, or ones just getting started in the business. I want my money to go to help someone not just help a conglomerate (shop small business in a sense?) I could find no better use of my money than to donate to a firehouse. However, I was told by my local fire department that they no longer do pool fillings from the hydrate and by people smarter than me that maybe I would not want hydrate water because it'll take forever to filter it clean. I don't know, this is all new to me. Can I ask another fire department from outside my area to come? Or is that like the Bloods and the Crips and they can't infringe on each other's turf?

Lastly, I thought with my cheap brain and thought hey Mother Nature could fill this pool up! I tried it, around 3 days of hard rain a few weeks back we were half full! and it also looked like the swamp that Shrek lived near. So pump that out, power wash, and back to square one.

So, here I am. Summer is around the corner, and a 4-year-old daughter who does a fashion show daily of ALL of her bathing suits getting ready to swim and a pool that sits empty.

This pool has to be filled. It was the main selling point to the kids about moving from their house that we all loved.

Side Note, Unrelated. Does anyone have an extra 28,000 gallons of water I can borrow? I'll give it back at some point.


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