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First Round of Golf ever, at AUGUSTA?

So you understand, Augusta is considered hollowed grounds. They play by their own rules when it comes to the Masters, from broadcasting rights to its association with the PGA, they don't care. From the lack of squirrels to the strict no-running policy to the "No you can't play here" mentality. Most of us will only ever see the course on TV, but it is almost always the #1 course when you ask a golfer which is their dream course to play.

Well, a tradition like no other has some traditions within it as well. Like, every Monday after the Masters they do a lottery for the media members that covered the tournament. Four lucky members will get a chance to play the course that they covered the previous 4 days and this year, it is going viral.

Julia announced she was lucky enough to have been selected as one of this years winners. But wait, why would this be an announcement that goes viral?

Oh, There it is.


People are BIG mad about it. Even though they weren't even in the lottery they are mad she won. Which is crazy.

Although as someone who has been golfing with people that have never played before I understand the frustration over a golf course, they'll never even be allowed to step foot in, I guess? I mean, she was credentialed and she entered and won a lottery so good for her.

But what I would give to see a livestream of her round at what is one of the hardest golf courses in the world. I may pay more just to watch a golf hardo watch that live stream and die on the inside, that may be funnier to me.

I'll leave you with Julia's last tweet before playing one of the most famous golf courses in the world.

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