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Super Bowl Prop Bets (Taylors Version)

We know, you are sick of hearing about the NFL and Taylor Swift. Bad news, shes good for the game...argue with a wall. She has made COUNTLESS dads connect with their kids and wives while watching the games because now they have something they want to see at the game. Also, if you are upset over her on screen for 20 seconds of a 3 and a half hour broadcast that she doesn't control...you are a loser.

Enough about you though...Lets get to the Super Bowl prop bets (Taylors Version)

I'll do another prop bet with all your favorites coming up. You know, National Anthem Over/Under, Touchbacks, First Touchdown Scorer, Heads or Tails, Ushers first song type stuff. But for now, here are all the betting lines involving Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift Primary Color of her top at Super Bowl LVIII

Red -500 / White +600 / Yellow +800 / Black +1600 / Purple +1600 / Silver (Grey) +1800 / Blue +2000 / Green +2000

Will Taylor Swift wear a Travis Kelce jersey during the Game?

Yes +150 / No -200

Taylor Swift Lipstick Color?

Red -1500 / Any other color +600

How Many Chiefs/Kelce jewelry pieces will Swift wear?

Over/Under 5

Will Taylor Swift plane travel from Japan to Las Vegas be shown?

Yes +400 / No -600

Will Taylor Swift mention Kelce/Chiefs at Tokyo show?

Yes -200 / No +150

Taylor Swift plane arrival time in Las Vegas?

Over/Under - 8pm

Will AA Flight 1989 or 87 be delayed?

Yes -200 / No +150

Will a picture of Swift/Kelce be shown pre-game

Yes +300 / No -500

Who will be seen first during the National Anthem

Swift -135 / Jason Kelce +120 / Both at the same time +350

How Many Times will Taylor Swift be shown live?

Over/Under - 5.5

How Long will Taylor Swift be shown live?

Over/Under - 40.5 Seconds

How long after kickoff will Taylor Swift be shown live?

Over/Under - 7.5 minutes

Which will be higher?

Taylor Swift liveshots +150 / Travis Kelce catches -200

Will Taylor Swift be shown holding a drink during a live shot?

Yes +150 / No -200

Will Taylor Swift be in a Super Bowl Commercial?

Yes +1200

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