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WWE Live Event are exactly what you didn't know you needed - Mike

Let me be clear, I am a WWE fan. I grew up a WWE fan, like a massive one, like I was HBK Shawn Michaels for Halloween. I am the perfect age to love the WWE, 36. Which means my prime loving wrestling ages was 1995-2000 otherwise known as the golden ages and better known as The Attitude Era. Stone Cold, Undertaker, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, that was my childhood.

I still very much remember SummerSlam 1997 at the Continental Airlines Arena.

So with that in mind, I decided that I would take my son who's 7 to his first WWE Live Event and one I've always wanted to go see. The 2024 Royal Rumble in Tampa, FL.

I was more excited than he was at first, obviously. But once we got there, he saw the staging, the lighting, THE RING, and the palpable energy in the crowd. He's hooked for life before the event starts.

What WWE is able to do is crazy. It's not a show, its THE SHOW. You are a part of it. WWE is very clear that the future success of each wrestler is pretty dependent on crowd reactions to that wrestler. So, you cheering louder for a superstar does something.

But let me tell you, when that music hits and the superstar flashes up onto the Titantron, the place erupts. I equate it to going to a BIG football game and the home team scores a long touchdown which sends the crowd crazy. It's the same energy.

Think of it this way. 2 Superstars are in a ring, surrounded by 45,000 people and they have them eating out of there hands. Reacting in ways you roll your eyes at as you read this.

I write all of this to tell you if you get a chance to go see a Live WWE Event.


I promise you, if you just suspend your disbelief for the night, it will be one of the most fun events you have ever been too.

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