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Guy Popped Trying To Trade Drugs For Fried Pickles - Mike

Police in Indiana say they’ve arrested a man from Indianapolis after he allegedly tried to trade Buffalo Wild Wings employees cannabis in exchange for fried pickles. The attempted exchange went down earlier this week when the workers called 9-1-1 following the ask. According to court docs, two guys entered the eatery after it had closed and offered a minor THC vape cartridges if they’d fire up the fryer and make some fried pickles. One of the men then allegedly gave three small baggies of what looked like marijuana to another employee to give to the juveniles. After cops received the call, they followed the guys’ car to a gas station. That’s when officers found a bag of white powder and pills on the man, who also happened to be wearing an ankle monitor. He was quickly arrested for dealing marijuana, possession, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and possession of a controlled substance.

I mean, I get it. Fried Pickles are on the Mount Rushmore of Apps. Is this blog going to be about the Drug Dealin Fried Pickles guy? Nope. It started an argument on what is the top 4 apps.

To me, Fried Pickles is on the list BUT it must have that sauce. You know the one. Every restaurant has a different name for it. I think the sauce is an integral part of the appetizer, it only can enhance how good they can be! Also, if you think I'm picking one App on here that isn't fried and/or not healthy you are nuts and I don't want to dine with you.

Here. We. Go.

The Mount Rushmore of Apps.

Fried Pickles, with that sauce (you know the one): Battered and Deep Fried, come on now.

Potato Skins: Load them up, Sour Cream, Bacon, Cheese, Chives....If I could I would eat about 15-20 myself ignoring the fact that its about 5 full potatoes. Calories don't count when they're appetizers, it's not even the real meal.

Boneless Chicken Wings: Whatever you pick for the sauce is your choice but these are a STAPLE. Ranch or Blue Cheese? Only one real choice and i'll let you decide what that is.

Bread: Ah yes. The Bread. Could be the black bread at Outback or the Rolls at Texas Roadhouse or the Cheddar Bay Biscuits at Red Lobster or Olive Garden Breadsticks, I can go on and on. Doesn't matter...start eating it the SECOND you sit down until someone says "Don't Ruin Your Meal!" Shut it Grandma. I'm going to sit here and get full on bread and let my actual dinner be my dessert.

Honorable Mentions: Blooming Onion (Outback and Texas Roadhouse), Towering Onion Rings (Red Robin), Southwest Egg Rolls (Chili's), Whiskey Bacon Jam Sliders (Hard Rock Cafe), Calamari, Meatballs, Loaded Nachos, Bloody Marys.

I just re-read this...god I'm so fat.

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