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What do you do when you are kicked out of your house? - Mike

I know, I know, the Headline was a bit much. But that exactly what is (kind of) happening. If you have listened to the show you know that I sold my house and bought a house that would headline an HGTV show for home renovations. So far, it has been smooth sailing. We are on budget but I have watched enough of these shows to know that means were at like minute 12 of the show and the contractor is about to show up with the "bad news" that they are going over budget and we have to change something to make it work within our budget.

When I say everything about the house is changing...I literally mean everything...I believe the only thing that will be left is the bathroom tile...everything else has and will change. That is including walls, because apparently my wife gets her best ideas after bottomless mimosas. She comes home a few weeks ago after "brunch" and decided she needs a wall down. How was "brunch" you ask? So good I had to remind her that she wanted to take a wall down the next morning to which she responded " Wow, thats a great idea...Go Me!"

Shes the Best, love that.

Either way, we are officially out of the planning stage and we're about that action now. Kitchen, Whole bottom floor Flooring, Painting every inch of the house inside has all been scheduled and its all consecutive. Meaning, my new house is going to be CHAOS for about 3 weeks. I have 2 kids (7 and 4) and a boxer puppy. We will not have a kitchen or couches or TVs downstairs. Heck, for that matter we wont have access to the back door for the back yard in that time as well.

I know this is coming as a woah is me blog...It most certainly isn't meant that way. I understand how lucky I am to be able to do this stuff. I wanted to write this to let you laugh at my pain with me. I am going to be updating this blog as a journal of sorts. Not with what they are doing in the house but as a sailor lost on at sea.

How I am doing, trying to survive with a puppy, 2nd grader and Preschooler without a house for the most part. Living like Cousin Eddie, maybe renting an RV to live out of? Is that even a good idea? I have no idea what to do, but as we always do we will make it work and I will translate that as humorously as I can for you to enjoy...so...what that being said...Lets Roll

Day 1: Coming Soon

RV Motorhome on Roadside California Road Trip

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