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This guy is proof why men shouldn't be allowed to go shopping alone


Have you ever sent your man to the store for a few things and he comes back like someone gave a 5 year old 20$ at a school fair and said...go nuts?

All you wanted was some ripe avocados, now you are the proud owners of new lawn chairs and possibly a charcoal grill because man-brain said we needed it...btw I speak from experience as a man.

Well, fear no more! Because it can never be worse.

In 1915, Cecil Chubb was sent to the store to buy dining chairs. Instead he bought Stonehenge at an auction he was walking by.

Yes.. This Stonehenge.

Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, England

Photo: Onfokus / E+ / Getty Images

His Wife was so mad about it...3 years later, he just walked away from his prized new purchase and gave it back to his country but made they promise that it was always going to be free to the locals and no more than a schilling for a tourist.

I need to hear this argument in the worst way.

Honey! guess what I got!


Nope, forgot about that...better though...you know those rocks in that field that know one knows what to make of it? Those!


Fine, I'll be back with the chairs...

So Ladies, when your guy comes home with some dumb man-brain purchase...at least he didn't buy Stonehenge right?

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