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Diane's Hacks to Reach Your New Year Goals

We do it every year and we mean well....NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS! Instead of resolutions, I like to call them GOALS because we usually break "resolutions" within 10 days.

Here are hacks to help reach common goals that we set every year:

LOSE WEIGHT (always number one on my list:) If you want to cut down on snacking in the evening, try brushing your teeth shortly after dinner. This will act as a deterrent because you most likely won't feel like brushing your teeth again after your snack. I have tried this and it works!

QUIT SMOKING: Some experts say one of the best ways is to lick a little salt whenever you feel the urge to smoke. It could help you break the habit within a month.

SAVE MONEY: Think of all the things you can do yourself instead of paying someone else, such as making your morning coffee and painting your own nails. Those expenses can really add up.

SPEND MORE TIME WITH PEOPLE YOU LOVE: Make that phone call you have been meaning to make! Most people have busy lives but it only takes that one call to reconnect with someone you have not seen in a while.

DE-CLUTTER: This is one of my goals - try to get rid of one thing, no matter how small, every day. At the end of the year, you will have donated or thrown out 365 items and you will be will feel great with less clutter around you!


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