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No Way News....The Christmas Edition

Ahh yes, the most wonderful time of the year....for me....to go back in time and look at some of my favorite headlines that make you say "No Way!" but this time...Christmas style.

Lets kick this off the right way

The Real Santa! A Bank Robber in Colorado went outside the bank and LAUNCHED all the money straight into the air screaming "MERRYYYY CHRRRISSTTMASSS"

The cops did not feel in the jolly mood about the situation and arrested 65 year old David Wayne Oliver at Starbucks later.

No Beer on Christmas?! A woman in South Carolina got VERY upset about her slow beer delivery and decided the ONLY logical thing to do was to go grab that Ceramic Squirrel and stab her husband. Merry Christmas.

Blue Shell Hell. Ever been so disappointed in a gift that you just attack the giver? No? Because you're normal? Ok well Randi and Heath are not that and in 2008 they got into full fight over the fact that a remote control plane was wanted and a Wii was the gift. Just beat them in Wii Tennis, not IRL next time please.

Last Second Gift, A Dinosaur: Yep, a 17 foot statue of a Velociraptor was stolen...How....Why...again, How....its Huge..

Merry Christmas everyone!

Santa Claus mug shot

Photo: cyano66 / iStock / Getty Images

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