Nine Rescued from Ocean City Surf by Lifeguards

rolling ocean waves at dusk

Nine individuals were rescued from the surf in Ocean City, New Jersey, on Saturday morning. The incident occurred at the Ninth Street beach when four people initially struggled to stay afloat after entering the water. Several bystanders attempted to assist but also became trapped in the waves, leading to a total of nine people needing rescue.

The Ocean City Beach Patrol responded swiftly to the incident. "We were able to jump into our vehicles and report down to the incident. It was a couple of people who got into trouble and some good Samaritans who jumped in to help them," said Captain Paul Boardman of the Ocean City Beach Patrol to WPVI-TV.

Rip currents were reported to have carried all nine individuals out to sea. At least one person received medical treatment after being rescued, while the others did not require medical attention. The identities and hometowns of the individuals involved have not been released by authorities.

The incident underscores the importance of swimming where lifeguards are present, especially during peak beach season. The National Weather Service had issued an advisory for a high risk of rip currents along the Jersey Shore on the day of the incident.