Wildwood Approves Backpack Ban at Night

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The City of Wildwood has implemented a ban on backpacks and large bags on its beaches and boardwalks from 8:00pm to 4:00am. The ban, approved by the city's Board of Commissioners, is effective immediately and aims to prevent unruly behavior and violence that has marred the start of the summer season.

The decision follows a state of emergency declared over Memorial Day weekend due to large, disruptive crowds. City officials believe that the underage use of drugs and alcohol, often concealed in backpacks and large bags, contributes to the disorderly conduct.

"The City Police Department identified a series of incidents involving backpacks and other bags containing illegal paraphernalia and alcohol in the possession of minors over Memorial Day Weekend and determined that the same contributed to the unruly and tumultuous behavior," said Steve Mikulski, Wildwood's Commissioner of Public Safety to WTFX-TV.

Exceptions to the ban include baby bags, medical bags, and small purses. Individuals found violating the ban will be given two warnings, either written or oral, before being escorted to an exit ramp. If officers suspect the presence of illegal items in a backpack, the individual may be taken to the station and parents or guardians will be notified.

The ban mirrors similar measures in other shore towns, such as Ocean City, which have also experienced issues with unruly crowds.

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