"People Not Places" movie crews SUBmerge themselves in South Jersey

It must be for our famous submarine sandwiches, right? From cheesesteaks to tuna, that's why the cast and crew of the new Shirley MacLaine film, "People Not Places" decided to come to Atlantic City and surrounding areas! Why else would they focus in on two iconic sub shops, The White House and "Dino's Subs & Pizza", among other locales including Tennessee Avenue near the former Pic-A-Lilli Inn, now King's Pub.

Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the film's director Brad Furman (who directed Matthew McConaughey in “The Lincoln Lawyer”) and his famous writer/mother, Ellen Brown Furman, spent many summer vacations in Ventnor at their shore house.

According to "People Not Places" script-writer Ellen Brown Furman, who spoke to 95.1 WAYV Senior Vice President of Programming & Operations, Shannon Wray-Norris, Shirley MacLaine actually commented on how beautifully landscaped the homes were in Margate City, NJ which is why when filming at Dino's Subs & Pizza they didn't mind pausing the production more than a few times to wait for the loud sounds of leaf blowers to subside.

Well, those of us who grew up on famous Atlantic City sub rolls still think it's the subs that drew Brad Furman and Ellen Furman back to South Jersey. To his credit, even though Tim Wainwright, owner of Dino's Subs & Pizza said "Hollywood called and Dino’s answered", the family-owned restaurant was still open for takeout, pickup and delivery on during filming because....as they say...the show must go on!

When asked how this all came about, Tara Wainwright, co owner of Dino's Subs & Pizza told Wray-Norris that "the director (Furman) contacted my husband and told him how much he loved Dino's. We talked it over and decided on a date for them to come film. Tim and I are both so thankful for the opportunity."

MacLaine plays a "sprightly woman in her twilight years" and befriends a local homeless man, played by Stephen Dorff while trying to mend a fractured relationship with her son, according to IMDB.

It is rumored the film crew will visit Pleasantville, NJ sometime this week. You can see local personality, Whitney Ullman as we span the set in this video.


About Dino's Subs and Pizza: Located at 8016 Ventnor Ave Margate, NJ. Dino's has been a landmark business serving subs to the island since 1964. We are a family owned and operated business. We use only the freshest ingredients on Formica Bakery Atlantic City sub rolls. For decades, we have been sticking to our original recipes. We are famous for cheesesteaks, tuna and Italian(regular) subs. But everything on our menu is a hit. Dino's delivers and will ship throughout the United States.

About The White House Sub Shop: It was opened in October 1946 by Anthony Basile. Along with his Aunt Basilia and Uncle Fritz Sacco, the store became one of the most popular sub shops in the country. It was their dedication and hard work that gave the White House the reputation that it has today. Today, their children, are committed to maintaining that same tradition of excellence created by our parents.

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