Shout Out: Herbert Holler's Old School Dance Party 5/25

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You can scream. Go ahead, give a “shout out” to the crowd. Summer is literally days away and Herbert Holler's Old-School is making a stop in Atlantic City on Memorial Day weekend. The “Kippah of the Funk” is bringing his “Best Dance Party”, as stated by Village Voice - to Anchor Rock Club on Saturday, May 25th and 95.1 WAYV can get you on the list.  (hint, hint click on this link)

Whether you want to party like it’s 1999 or pretend it’s the summer of ‘69. It’s all under the same roof. Whatever your musical genra, Herbert Holler has a beat - that you just can’t beat. Pop, Hip Hop, R&B or Rock. Reggae, Disco or House - from the 70s to today.  

But wait, a minute, Mr Postman, (record scratch) this party really wouldn’t be accurately depicted as “old school” without a few historical elements. So, let’s back it up. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary , because well, that’s what “old school” folks used to reference when learning the definitions of words & phrases prior to the interwebs.


Photo: Wray-Norris, Shannon

So, now that we have that out of the way. Here’s the irony when it comes to "old school music".

Memorial Day weekend kicks off 95.1 WAYV’s 50th Birthday, what we are calling the “Half Century Summer Celebration”. Yep, 95.1 WAYV has literally been “all ears for 50 years”. So, naturally the perfect venue for the station that’s been “on the dance floor since ‘74” is also the location of one of Atlantic City's most infamous (and long running) clubs. It may be called “Anchor Rock Club” now (and doing quite well) but Atlantic City diehards know that it used to operate under the iconic name Déjà Vu Nightclub. I mean there's even a Facebook Group devoted to it. Deja Vu Night Club (Atlantic City Old School) *Thank DJ Khan for references

Photo: Ahmed Khan

Historical fact #2. If you follow Holler, you know that his personal history with Atlantic City goes back to his father, who was the Food & Beverage manager for Resorts Casino Hotel (the first casino to open in our seaside slice of heaven in 1978). And a because of that fact, a small number of locals (like me) know that "Herbert" actually grew up in the 'gate (Margate City, NJ).  

Which brings us to the 3rd part of our history lesson. If you take part in the party, a portion of the proceeds will go to the preservation of Lucy The Elephant, a unique architectural folly and national landmark! Your good deed of the summer will be checked off the list - you donated to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The particulars: Herbert Holler’s Old School is HOSTED by GoToWhitney! Must be 21 or older to enter. CO-PROMOTED by CD Entertainment! VIP TABLES available, first come, first serve! VIP BOTTLE SERVICE AVAILABLE! ,

Herbert Holler's Old-School™ $10 EARLY-BIRD TIX WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!! 

DRESS CODE = Casual but cute. 

PARKING = Lot on New York Avenue (pay at kiosk) and street parking (metered). 

Herbert Holler's Old School™ is the longest running, most legendary old-school dance party in history! Since 2003, he's brought people together from all over the world to dance to classic party hits from yesterday thru today, be it hip-hop, R&B, pop, rock, reggae, disco or house. 21+ yrs, 1000+ parties…and counting! 

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