Mayor Small Holds Press Conference About Home Search

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The home of Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small was searched by authorities last week, sparking a flurry of questions and speculation. The Mayor held a press conference today to address the incident, stating that around 20 police officers surrounded his home with guns, rifles, and battering rams to conduct the search. He described the event as an aggressive response to what he termed a private family matter.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office responded by asserting that their officers conducted themselves in the highest professional manner during the search. The Mayor confirmed that there are no allegations of corruption and that several items, including two cellphones and multiple laptops, were taken from his home during the search.

Neither Mayor Small nor his attorney would discuss the nature of the private family matter that prompted the search. As of now, no charges have been filed against the Mayor.

The Mayor's attorney, Edwin Jacobs, emphasized that search warrants are investigative tools and are very easy to get. He also stated that they are one-sided, meaning that the other party does not have a chance to present their side of the story before the warrant is issued.

Mayor Small has been serving as the Mayor of Atlantic City since 2019, following the resignation of Frank Gilliam, who was convicted of wire fraud charges. In 2009, Small and others were accused of tampering with ballots during the Democratic primary for Atlantic City mayor. They were acquitted of the charges two years later. Small referred to these accusations as a political witch hunt.

The Mayor thanked those who had reached out to him and his wife to show support during this time. He also stated that he and his attorney would be holding a press conference to address what he called the sensationalized and unheard of nature of the law enforcement search of his home.

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